Historical Horse Drawn Carriages For Sale

From well known collection for nearly 50 years Being offered for sale


Over the years numerous carriages from this collection were purchased by the eminent families of Mrs. J.D.Rockefellow ,DuPont, Rhodes etc.


There remains 10 of the finest and rarest being offered with all the proceeds going to the collector’s family charity that provide scholarships for the neediest in Bucks County Pa.


  • Brewster Panel Boot Victoria (perfecty restored)

  • Woods Bros. Miniature Victoria (perfection) single/pair

  • Brewster Wagonette with spindles seats 6 (4 year restoration of magnificent original)

  • Brewster Sleigh with groom seat (show or go)

  • Miniature covered wagon  that traveled around the world from the Greenfield Museum (all original)

  • Miniature Au Park vehicle given to  Napoleon’s Princess Louise along with two miniature donkeys.(donkey’s dies 150 years ago)

  • New England Sleigh (restored)

  • Brewster Coach lamps  (perfect originals)

  • Kimball of Chicago Coach Lamps (Park Drag) refinished originals from collector's Park Drag that was sold years ago.

  • Several original pair lamp set

  • Coaching books (original)

  • Carriage blankets etc

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